Formerly known as Wilbanks Smith & Thomas Asset Management, LLC until March 31, 2024, the assets were acquired by Clearstead Advisors, LLC and have been rebranded as Clearstead Advisory Solutions, a division of Clearstead Advisors, LLC. Clearstead Advisory Solutions has over three decades of experience in the ever-evolving financial advisory industry. Throughout our journey, we’ve observed a shift towards “one-size-fits-all” efficiencies that prioritize the money manager over the client. As a result, we are more confident than ever in our team’s client-first approach.

We prioritize consultation, listening, and transparency, believing that there are no shortcuts worth taking when it comes to the financial future of our clients or partners. Whether you’re an individual, family, trust, or intermediary, we offer strategic wealth management, financial planning, portfolio management, and tailored solutions to meet your needs.

At Clearstead Advisory Solutions, you’re not just a client — you’re a valued partner in our mission to provide exceptional service and help you achieve your aspirations.


Customized Solutions

Each relationship begins with our listening to you. Your story is the cornerstone of our process and a strategy that is a thoughtful reflection of you and your goals. It is our responsibility to promote confident commitment to your long-term plan.

Disciplined Approach

Market volatility can test the nerve of any investor, encouraging short-term decision-making that can lead to disappointing outcomes. We can’t eliminate risk, but we can prepare you for it through a disciplined approach that focuses on both reward and risk.

Objective Advice

We are grateful to have served many clients for decades and through challenging market environments. We don’t make the right call every time, but every decision upholds our fiduciary duty and aims to honor the trust you place in us.

Transparent Process

We believe a clearly defined plan, access to key decision-makers, and goals-based reporting are factors that support partnerships, nurture relationships, and differentiate the experience of WST clients. Transparency is a standard you deserve and that we demand of ourselves.

Personal Commitment

Whatever his or her role, every Clearstead Advisory Solutions employee takes pride in creating and implementing tailored solutions, exceeding your service expectations, and sustaining a client-first culture.


Individual & Family

Strategic wealth management

  • Financial planning
  • Generational planning
  • Portfolio management

Customized solutions

Independent research, experienced analysis

Objective advice

  • Open architecture
  • Internal & external expertise for portfolio implementation

Serving individuals, families, trusts

Institutional Consulting

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and institutional portfolio advisory

Serving institutions, profit-sharing and 401k plans

  • spending policy, liquidity requirements & IPS analysis
  • definition of long-term strategic asset allocation
  • portfolio execution

Independent research & analysis

Objective advice, accountability and availability to staff, boards, etc.

Serving institutions, profit-sharing and 401k plans

Advisor Services

Strategic partner to intermediaries

  • Operational and investment support for national platforms and independent advisors
  • Leverage asset management capabilities to deliver customized portfolio solutions
  • Facilitate strategic plans to grow practices and better serve clients

Serving as sub-advisor to RIAs, brokers, advisor networks & intermediaries



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At Clearstead, we create integrated, prudent, and custom strategies that bring clarity to you or your organization’s financial future.

Clearstead is an independent financial advisory firm serving wealthy families and leading institutions across the country. As a fiduciary, it provides wealth management services and investment consulting to help clients meet their financial objectives, achieve their aspirations, and build stronger futures.




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