Steadfast, comprehensive, thoughtful, and customized financial planning is critical to creating a roadmap that will guide cash flow as seamlessly as possible.

Travel. Trust Funds. Taxes. Tee times. For clients who are approaching retirement, the places where future expenses lurk lie in diverse and often unexpected places. That’s why comprehensive, thoughtful, and customized financial planning is critical to creating a roadmap that will guide cash flow as seamlessly as possible.

The Baby Boomer generation – loosely defined as people born between 1946 and 1964 – is either rapidly approaching this life stage, or well settled already. More than half of Clearstead’s clients fall in this category, giving us a wealth of experience in guiding people toward a thoughtful plan for optimal financial independence.


When Clients Experience Loss, Clearstead is There

Are you financially independent, and if so, at what age? If not, what do we do about it?

Beyond investment strategy, a solid retirement plan takes a holistic view of a client’s situation, including assets, short- and long-term goals, and the many variables that make each person’s needs unique.

It’s worth noting that while Clearstead prides itself on starting with a long view of retirement – sketching out a plan that looks 20 or even 30 years into the future – we also review that plan often – especially during significant life events such as a job change or a spouse’s death.


Five ways to prepare for retirement cash flow

When creating a retirement cash flow plan, some factors that clients frequently overlook include 


Paying insurance premiums out-of-pocket, instead of via paycheck deduction, is a commonly forgotten expense.  Also, additional out-of-pocket medical costs are often underestimated and typically increase at a rate higher than inflation.


The desire to donate to charitable institutions often increase in retirement. Our cash flow analysis will reveal your capacity to give and begin a review of different philanthropic structures.

Educational expenses for grandchildren

Many clients underestimate the amount they’ll wind up contributing toward college tuition and other related costs for grandchildren, but this is a common expense.


Whether it is traveling to exotic destinations or spending more time with out-of-town family, you may not realize how much you’ll be spending on travel once your time is your own.

The ClearSight Analysis

With our existing clients, Clearstead’s team of professionals builds a baseline that offers a comprehensive picture of that person’s income streams and expenses. We factor in assumptions such as how aggressive a client’s temperament is for investing, and we look at issues such as when a particular income stream – for example, from an inheritance, or from Social Security – is likely to enter the fray. We ask questions like whether downsizing a home is a cost-effective strategy, whether a second or third home is something to consider acquiring or selling, and whether a life event such as a child’s wedding might factor in to future cash flow needs. These assumptions are typically the largest and most varied section of an individual’s profile.


Our analysis helps us ask questions that help us to better understand our client’s position: are funds depleting at a rate that causes concern? Or does the opposite situation exist — funds that back up and create questions about where that money will eventually go, such as to heirs or a charity, or both, and in what proportions.

Tax and Charitable Giving Strategies

Because we also do tax projections and returns and optimization, our clients typically have assets in both retirement and taxable accounts. When the time comes to pull assets from one or the other, we can analyze which choice offers the most tax efficient strategy; for example, IRA withdrawals may be available at a relatively low tax rate.

We can also determine the most strategic time for charitable giving in relation to the client’s tax profile, and assist with Social Security optimization: is it better to collect a lower payment at an earlier age, or wait until later? Though such income streams don’t usually move the needle very far on a high-wealth individual, it’s still important to maximize returns.

Our goal is to create a plan that not only sets up our clients for a comfortable, worry-free future, but also withstands unforeseen events, such as a sudden death or a divorce. If that happens, we’re here to help you pick up the pieces and find a path forward. Clearstead isn’t just an investment advisor; we are trusted stewards of every aspect of your financial well-being.


Find Your Clarity

We bring our clients objective financial leadership through our fee-only advisory model, which enables us to remain objective. We do not offer proprietary products and take no commissions from product sales: our only source of revenue is fees we receive for financial advice. True to our founding principles, we do the hard work: the day-to-day investment management integrated with organizational priorities and family aspirations.

Clearstead is an institutional and private client advisory firm that is relentless in providing solutions so our clients can exceed their aspirations and build stronger legacies for their families, their communities, and themselves.




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