• Clearstead is prepared for COVID-19, with a long-standing disaster recovery and business continuity plan to ensure client services proceed without interruption.
    • Market volatility, while unsettling, can create opportunities on which we are prepared to capitalize.
      • Many industries have been hurt and are expected to struggle in the near future amid uncertainty, most notably energy and travel companies; other industries are likely to experience disruption of global supply chains.
        • We are following our investment process and rebalancing portfolios as needed
          • Clearstead is Here for Our Clients

          We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation on behalf of our clients and employees, have taken steps to protect the health of our employees, and have implemented new travel policies.

          To ensure client service is maintained at the highest level, all employees have been updated and are familiar with Clearstead’s Business Continuity Plan. Additionally, we have the infrastructure and technology to serve our clients should it be necessary for the entire Clearstead team to work remotely.

          Click here to read our full update: Clearstead COVID-19 Special Update


          Clearstead is structured to put client’s interests first through our fee-only advisory model. Clearstead is independent and believes this is central to providing objective advice to its clients.

          Clearstead is an institutional investment consulting and private wealth management firm. We are relentless in providing financial solutions so clients can exceed their aspirations and build legacies for their families, organizations, communities, and themselves.



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