Author: Michael Shebak, Head of Institutional Consulting, Senior Managing Director

Challenging and uncertain times call for clarity and steadfastness.

Investors are coping with declines in markets, possible permanent dislocations to their businesses, and planning for the future. They face ambiguity, ranging emotions and uncharted territory.

“Are we prepared? How will we meet our needs?”

“Do we change our strategy?”

“Where are the opportunities?”

Appropriate and prudent questions. We start by opening the investment policy statement.

Investment policy is the guide for remaining focused on long-term objectives and charting a way forward. It guards from making emotional decisions based on short-term considerations.

A Clearstead client investment policy is thorough, tailored to the investor, and guides necessary fiduciary and investment decisions. It delivers clarity and ensures steadfast decision-making.

There are three simple rules to follow when adhering to investment policy during volatile and uncertain markets. Like most simple rules, there are underlying complexities, but they can help investors put current events in perspective.

Our simple rules are:

  1. Attend to Basic Needs
  2. Stick with Strategy
  3. Seek opportunities

These rules are consistent with investment policies and are cumulative: attending to basic needs and sticking with one’s investment strategy helps prepare to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Clearstead is proactively applying this hierarchy of needs and priorities with clients.

Parts 2, 3 and 4 of this blog series will expand on each of these rules and share specific examples of recommendations and opportunities we are advancing with Clearstead clients.


At Clearstead, we create integrated, prudent, and custom strategies that bring clarity to you or your organization’s financial future.

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